What is the address for slime expo dc?

Waterford at Springfield (6715 COMMERCE STREET, SPRINGFIELD, VA 22150)


Who can attend Slime Expo DC?

Everyone! Bring the family for a day of fun, music, food, and slime! Under 16 not admitted without parent - no ticket required for children under 3.


Does my parent need a ticket?

Yes. Parents/guardians are required to have a Parent Admission ticket. This ticket allows entry while accompanying any Slimer / VIP / VIP PLUS.


Does my parent need a VIP ticket?

No. All parents/guardians will be allowed access with Parent Admission ticket.


What time does VIP enter the venue?

VIP ticket holders and their Parents/Guardians with Parent Admission tickets will be allowed to enter the event at 10AM.



Slimer Admission ticket holders and their parents/guardians with Parent Admission tickets will be allowed to enter the event at 11AM.



Our live demo booths are just another way for you to experience the fun of slime! Various slime brands will be demonstrating amazing slime recipies and techniques throughout the duration of the event! Find these booths at different places in the expo to watch all the magic happening live!



Our slime testing area is a designated area set up with slimers in mind! Take a moment to sit and try your new purchased slimes and trade with other slimers!  Also set up in this area will be a large assortment of different sample slimes available for free-play! Although you cannot take any of the free-play slime home, it is a great way to test various slimes!


Who can meet Famous Slime Brands?

All ticket types allow access to expo - visit any booth, purchase from any brand, take pictures, meet any brand, access to stage, access to trading station, access to merch booth, access to slime testing areas, access to live demo booths, access to contest booth, access to cafe and much more!

In addition, VIP / VIP PLUS tickets allows access to the VIP workshop area, where we host our DIY slime workshop! All VIP / VIP PLUS ticket holders will be automatically entered into a secret raffle! Stay tuned for more info!


What is the vip diy slime workshop?

  • Our DIY slime workshop is designed with fun in mind!

  • All our participating VIP / VIP PLUS attendees will receive an exclusive DIY slime kit!

  • Each kit will contain everything needed to create slime from scratch!

  • Various colors, clays, beads, glitter, charms, instant snow, and more included!

  • Participants will have a chance to open slime kit, use materials to pour and mix to make slime, decorate slime, show it off and take it home!

  • More info on themes to be announced soon!


How can I participate in DIY Slime Workshops?

Only VIP SLIME TIME and VIP PLUS ticket holders will have access to the VIP DIY Slime Workshops.


Is there an age restriction for the DIY Slime Workshop?

Yes. All participants must be 4 years or older. All participants under 8 years old must be accompanied by guardian during the entire workshop.


How can I register for my desired workshop time and host?

Each VIP/VIP Plus ticket is allocated by Workshop Time! Simply search the time you would like to attend your workshop and purchase your ticket based on time and level (VIP or VIP Plus).


Will there be food and refreshments at the event?

Yes! We have an entire CAFE area with plenty of choices available for purchase.